5* Shifting Package – 3 Weeks

5* Shifting Package – 3 Weeks


Flight Summary:


LH921 25 AUG LHR FRA 0630 0905 

LH598 25 AUG FRA JED 1030 1705 


LH959 25 AUG BHX FRA 0615 0850 

LH598 25 AUG FRA JED 1030 1705


25/08/17 – Lufthansa flight will be from London Heathrow Terminal 2, 

Flight No: LH921  Time: 06:30


FLIGHT NO: LH959  Time: 06:15

♦  Arrive in Frankfurt, Germany where there will be a short stop over. Please make sure you have your ihram clothes on before Frankfurt as there will not be much time in Frankfurt to wear your ihram.

♦  25/08/17: Departure from Frankfurt Flight No: LH598 at 10:30 & Arrive at Jeddah Airport at 17:05. 

Due to immigration checks & passport control, expected arrival time in Makkah (AL-AZIZIYAH) will be around 05:00 (local time) 26/8/17

Journey from Jeddah (Hajj Terminal) to Makkah apartments will take approximately 3 hours.

26/08/17: At 21:00 (local time) a coach will be ready for group to go & perform Umrah. Any brothers & sisters who wish to perform their Umrah earlier then mentioned are free to do so.

27/08/17: An important meeting will take place in Al-Azizyah building at 22:00.

30/08/17: Between 00:30 – 01:00 the first coach will be leaving from Al-Azizyah to Mina (We will let you know during your stay in Al-Al-Aziziyah which coach you will be on).

31/08/16: Group shall leave from Mina to Arafat (Timing will be announced in Mina).

31/08/17: After sunset Group will leave from Arafat to Muzdalifah.

1/09/17: After Fajr Salah Group will leave from Muzdalifah to Mina. (Please note we will be walking back as a group (we will not be taking transport back)

03/09/17: Group will arrive back to Al-Aziziyah from Mina.

06/09/17: Group will leave check in at Makkah Swissotel hotel at 22:00 (Group leaving date to Madina or check in at Makkah hotel may change due to regulation and instruction by the Ministry Of Hajj in Saudi Arabia). Please note your luggage will be taken care by the group earlier on in the day, the Hujjaj will make their own way to the hotel. You will have access to Al Aziziyah apartment for the whole day, this makes the shifting process much easier.

11/09/17: Group will leave for Madinah at around 10:00AM.

13/09/17: At 07:30 Ziyarat will take place.

15/09/17: Group will check out at 2PM & depart from Madinah for Jeddah.

16/09/17 -Return Flight  Details:

London Heathrow: 

Flight back to UK is at 02:30 Flight No: LH599 & arrive in Frankfurt at 07:20, connecting flight will be at 09:00 Flight No: LH902 & arrive in UK at 09:40.

Birmingham BHX: 

Flight back to UK is at 02:30 Flight No: LH599 & arrive in Frankfurt at 07:20, connecting flight will be at 12:00pm Flight No: LH954 & arrive in UK at 12:30.


♦  The applicant must have a passport with a validity of at least six (6) months; the passport should have at least two empty visa pages adjacent to each other.

Each applicant must submit three (3) recent passport size color photograph with white background.

♦ The applicant must submit a completed application form filled in with black ink pen.

♦ The Mahram should write his complete information on the application forms of his spouse and children or any relative with whom he is traveling. He should also provide copies of marriage or birth certificates if his surname different to them.

Any lady over the age of forty-five (45) may travel without Mahram with the group.

♦ The applicant must submit proof of vaccination for meningitis (ACYW).

Non-citizens that are resident in the UK should submit a copy of their valid residency, visa and must be valid for 6 months from traveling day; VISIT visa is not accepted.

If the applicant has converted to Islam, an Islamic certificate must be presented; this needs to be authorized by an Islamic Center.

For Details Call: 0800 6444277

Please note:

♦ Qurbani included in the package.
As mentioned on the website and brochure. Al Azizyah is a district in Makkah which is approximately 5km away from Haram Sharief. The Haram is accessed easily and quickly round the clock by public transport with cheap and moderate fares.
Luggage Allowance is 23kg (2 pieces) plus 5 liters Zamzam water .
Before you leave LONDON to JEDDAH OR BIRMINGHAM to JEDDAH via Frankfurt please put on your ihram garments.
After passing the united agent office please give your passport to your group leader to save time getting on the coach, then your passport will be kept with the Motawef (authorized person by the Ministry of Hajj ) which you will have back on the departure date.
Upon Arrival to Makkah you can perform Umrah at any time.
During stay in Makkah food will be provided 2 times a day.
During stay in Madinah food will be provided 2 times a day.
During 5 days of HAJJ food will be provided 3 times a day by the Motawef.
Each person will receive Hajj Draft which is valued £200 prior to Departure. Please keep it safe with you until you arrive at Jeddah (Hajj Terminal) as it will be collected from you by United Agent office.
All dates may change depending on the moon sighting.
Seminar on Hajj and Umrah will be held in Coventry. Passports and related documents will be distributed to you at the seminar, please make sure to attend to benefit from the seminar as valued information would be given on all aspects of Hajj and related matters of your trip.
Please note, you do not need to check in as a group, therefore, once the check in counters are open, start with the check in process. Please make sure you arrive at the airport 4 hours before your flight.

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